The Story Behind the Photo

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The Story Behind the Photo -- Boundless GenealogyHave you ever opened a box of old photos, or a dusty photo album? Instantly, those photos transport your mind to a different time, conjuring up all the sights, sounds, scents, and people that were there, even if they aren’t shown in the photo. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is so true. One snapshot can singly capture an entire story of a time and place from our past.

The Story Behind the Photo


I have written before about how you probably know more about a photo than you think you do when I shared how I create a photo citation. Well, beyond citation facts about a photo, you might know more about the STORY behind a photo as well. And if you don’t, an older member of your family might. Have you ever pulled out an old photo, showed it to a family member and asked what the circumstances were when that photo was taken? I have, and the amount of information and story that went with a few of the photos really surprised me. A simple photo can bring back the full sensory memory of a time long past… the sounds, scents, emotion and surroundings can come back to the forefront of your mind, even if they weren’t directly captured in the photo.

These are the types of little stories I love to record and share on my Instagram account. That way, my extended family members can learn a little more about their ancestors. Then the memory of the people and story of the photo is preserved for another generation. Instagram is a great platform for sharing photos and the story tidbits behind them. (Thus the popularity of one of my must-follow Instagram accounts, Save Family Photos!) Here are some of the favorite photos and stories I have shared in the past few years.



Enter the RootsTech Contest for a Chance to Win Big

**UPDATE: This contest has now ended.**

This year, a brand new contest is being held as part of RootsTech 2018: Photo+Story. The entries don’t have to be anything fancy, or even anything old. They can be any meaningful photo with the story behind it. You may enter up to one Photo+Story in each of four categories: Connect, Belong, Family, and Heritage. Entries will be accepted through December 31, 2017, and finalists have a chance to win big prizes!


Enter the Photo+Story Competition here:


Read the complete rules here:


Do you have a photo or two in mind that have a captivating or poignant story that you can share in the contest? I know I do. Can’t wait to see all the entries when they are shared at RootsTech!


Cordial Genealogy Wishes,


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