Why Boundless?

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Why Boundless Genealogy

Boundless (adj.) – not limited in any way, having no boundaries
Synonyms: vast, infinite, fathomless, immeasurable, indefinite
(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Why “Boundless Genealogy” for this blog?


To be sure, genealogists run into limits all the time: running out of available records for the time, place, or person we are researching, documents in a location we can’t physically get to, lack of funding or time to do more of what we love, etc.

But, the amazing thing about genealogy is it is also boundless… limitless! Who has a family tree? Everyone! From babies to centenarians, poor and rich, 1st world or 3rd world countries, adopted or raised by their birth family, everyone has a family history. Sometimes, people’s life circumstances make it more difficult to find their ancestors through records, but modern genealogy also taps into the power of our DNA to overcome a lot of those obstacles.

Know what else is amazingly immeasurable in genealogy? The fact that the family tree keeps going back generation after generation… and I am not talking about the part that has been uncovered through decades of research… I am talking about the fact that even though we might not have identified who our ancestors are after a number of generations, the family tree just keeps going back. Those ancestors of unknown origin had parents, who had parents, who had parents, even if we haven’t identified them yet!

In the same way, the tree from our distant ancestor to us just keeps growing, down and out in a vast, fathomless family tree. And it will just keep growing, generation after generation, in an infinite, unending family tree.

Best of all, modern technology gives us limitless opportunities to share our genealogy with our family members. Isn’t it marvelous?

I hope you’ll join me as we explore boundless genealogy!

Cordial genealogy wishes,


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