Planning for RootsTech 2018

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Planning for RootsTech 2018 -- Boundless GenealogyCan you believe that RootsTech 2018 is less than a month away? What an event it is shaping up to be, too! Just when I think they have announced all the goodies that could possibly fit into the four days, another amazing speaker or event is added to the line up. So much to choose from now that I am planning my RootsTech week. Let me share some of the wonderful options and tools I am using to get organized for all the fun.

Planning for RootsTech 2018

Just last week the 2018 data was released on the RootsTech app. If you haven’t used the app in previous years, go to your favorite app store and download it to your phone or tablet. The app contains all the info on teachers, classes, expo hall vendors, etc. You can build your schedule right in the app. You can also connect with other attendees and “friend” each other through the app. You are welcome to “friend” me if you would like. If you have downloaded the app in previous years, you need to open the app, click out to the main menu screen and click “Exit to Show List”, then select RootsTech 2018 to load this year’s conference data.

First up, I go to RootsTech to learn a whole lot more about genealogy.

So, choosing some great classes to attend is first on my planning list. The app makes it easy to sort classes by speaker through the speaker button, or by category, skill level, or technology skill level through the conference schedule button.

Favorite speakers: Some of my favorite speakers who will be appearing at RootsTech this year include: Amy Johnson Crow, Angela McGhie, Lisa Louise Cooke, Michael L. Strauss, Devon Noel Lee, and Diana Elder. Check out their class offerings to see if you are interested in their topics. I also cordially invite you to attend my class: “Which Charles is Which? Sorting Same Name Folks”, on Thursday at 4:30 pm in room 255B. I will share strategies and a case study to help you separate out those same name folks you come across in your family tree.

What topics do you want to learn more about at the conference? There are plenty on DNA, methodology, photos, records, etc. I am particularly interested in learning about using DNA results in proof arguments to prove illegitimate parentage. I also want to expand my professional development, and learn more about military and federal records.

After you have selected the classes you want to attend, don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom of each class session page to download the handout for your class!

Next up, the Expo Hall is HUGE! So, you’ll want to set aside a few chunks of time to go explore there.

Expo Hall guide: The RootsTech app includes a section called “Exhibitors” which lists the hundreds of folks that will be sharing their products and services in the Expo hall. The hall is so huge that you are unlikely to make it through the whole thing. I highly recommend browsing the booth options and mark some of your favorite, can’t-miss booths to focus on. Once you have hit your favorite booths, wander and browse, but don’t get lost!!

Third, my family will be joining me for RootsTech on Saturday, March 3, for Family Discovery Day.

Family Discovery Day: I have reserved tickets for all of my children over the age of 8, so they can attend Family Discovery Day with me. The Discovery Day event includes keynote speakers: President Dallin H. Oaks and Sister Kristen M. Oaks, and phenomenal speakers and entertainers Hank Smith, Evie Clair, Kenya Clark, Alex Melecio, and Jason Hewlett. While Family Discovery Day is open to all, it does have an LDS religious emphasis. It is also FREE, but requires registration. I encourage you to bring family members who might be interested in learning more about their heritage to this inspiring part of RootsTech.

Lastly, the socialization!

There are many opportunities for concerts, luncheons, genea-friend get-togethers, and after parties to choose from to complete your fantastic RootsTech experience. I already have more in my schedule than will actually fit… decisions, decisions!

As an Ambassador, I will also be sharing RootsTech experiences via social media channels and here on the blog for those who are unable to attend this year.

Can’t wait to meet up with many of my genea-friends in a few short weeks!

Cordial Genealogy Wishes,


Planning for RootsTech 2018 -- Boundless Genealogy

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  1. Melissa, I’m so excited about going too! I should be doing work and instead are reading blogs and checking out the program. Lisa Louise is one of my favourites too. I think I am a groupie!

    Good luck with your presentation. I hope to attend. I have loads of Francis’s on both my mothers and fathers side so my parents called me Frances too. Your talk will help!
    Regards Fran

    • Fran, I do hope you are able to attend my class. I would really enjoy meeting you in person. 11 days left until all the fun! I wish you safe travels here to Utah.

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