5 Family History Gift Ideas for Children

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**UPDATE** July 2019: We are sad to announce that the Little Family Tree app has been discontinued. Thank you to all those families who enjoyed the app!

5 Family History Gifts for Children -- Boundless GenealogyWith the holidays right around the corner, it is time to make gift lists for our loved ones. For those of us involved in genealogy, what better way to share our knowledge and passion with our family than with a family history-related gift they can enjoy? This is especially appropriate for the children in our family. This season give a meaningful gift that connects your young loved ones to their roots.

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1- Do the children in your family enjoy playing board games?


Give them the fantastic Roots & Branches family history board game, and play together so you can share your knowledge and stories with the child as you play. Roll the dice in the Roots & Branches game to move around the roots and branches of a tree. Where you land determines which of four types of questions you will answer: Your Family, Your Ancestors, About You, and Nice to Know. The questions will get everyone talking and sharing fun stories and memories. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Roots & Branches Game

2- Maybe the children in your family prefer digital games they can play on their mobile device?

Well, have I got an option for you! Little Family Tree is a family history app for children. The app has 10 unique games that teach the child about their own family tree while they have fun playing. The best part for you is that all the information for the games comes from the family tree you already have online. The app is available on mobile app stores. Did you know you can even send an app as a gift from the app store on your device? The companion website LittleFamilyTree.com has links to each app store, and tutorials for every game. But, I guarantee you, if you get the app set up on your phone or tablet and hand it to a child, they will just start playing! Recommended for ages 2-9
5 Family History Gifts for Children -- Boundless Genealogy

3- Would the children in your family enjoy a shirt that celebrates their heritage?

 5 Family History Gifts for Children -- Boundless Genealogy

I designed a whole line of shirts to do just that.  If you give a heritage shirt, send a photo and story about a relative from that place with the shirt. Wouldn’t it be neat if your child or grandchild thought about that ancestor every time they wear the shirt? These high quality shirts come in a variety of colors and styles. Celebrate your heritage from Chile, Colombia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Native American, Netherlands, Philippines, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden or Wales! Recommended for all ages.

*FREE Shipping Nov 1- Dec 15 on orders over $45 US or $80 INTL*

 5 Family History Gifts for Children -- Boundless Genealogy

4 & 5- Do you have a child in your family that is a bookworm?

Then one of these books might be a perfect match for them.

Our History: The Story of Our Family by Jennifer Boundinot, illustrated by Becca Stadtlander

This book is a lovely keepsake book with the family tree, places for photos, names, dates and places that you might expect. It also has a section for interviewing relatives about their memories of family life. Working through this book might open up many opportunities to share your stories and love for your ancestors with this child. What a fun way to connect with each other and with your family history.
If you gift this book to a member of your family, I suggest that you take the time to prepare a little packet to go with it with a few copies of the photos of their ancestors and have the names, dates, and places handy to help them work through the book at their own pace. Recommended ages 7-14

The Kids’ Family Tree Book by Caroline Leavitt, illustrated by Ian Phillips

This book gives children an introduction to family history and genealogy in an engaging and age-appropriate way. Then it teaches them how to find information about their family tree, and how to get answers to the questions they have always wanted to know about their heritage. This is a great children’s guide to genealogy!
Recommended ages 7-11

Check out these other gift ideas:

Best of luck in your holiday heritage gift giving!

Cordial Genealogy Wishes,


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  1. I haven’t seen that board game! Looks fun! And of course I love the little family tree app. I recommend it to everyone!

    • I met the makers of the game at the Ogden Family History Conference. They have created a great game for the whole family. Thanks for sharing Little Family Tree, we sure appreciate that.

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