LDS Highlights at RootsTech 2018, Part 1

LDS Highlights from RootsTech 2018 -- Boundless Genealogy

For Mormons, or members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a passion for genealogy goes beyond a desire to learn where we came from. Finding our ancestors is an important part of our doctrine… we believe that we must all be linked through the generations from us…

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Human Connection at RootsTech 2018

Human Connection at RootsTech 2018 -- Boundless Genealogy

One of the best things about RootsTech 2018 was the element of connection that went well beyond connecting with our dead ancestors. This was about HUMAN connection, our need as humans to feel connected to other people in a very tangible way. From the keynotes, to the Relatives at RootsTech…

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Planning for RootsTech 2018

Planning for RootsTech 2018 -- Boundless Genealogy

Can you believe that RootsTech 2018 is less than a month away? What an event it is shaping up to be, too! Just when I think they have announced all the goodies that could possibly fit into the four days, another amazing speaker or event is added to the line up. So much to choose from now that I am planning my RootsTech week. Let me share some of the wonderful options and tools I am using to get organized for all the fun.

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The Power of Routine for Family History Goals

The Power of Routine for Family History Goals -- Boundless Genealogy

Here we are at the beginning of a new year. Perhaps you, like me, have made some New Year’s resolutions including genealogy or family history goals. How do you plan to accomplish those goals? Have you already “failed” and given up? Well, dust them off and make your goals a part of your routine to achieve success in 2018. 

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Looking Back, Moving Forward

Looking Back, Moving Forward -- Boundless Genealogy

We have reached the end of another year… and boy, did 2017 go by fast! How did your genealogy pursuits fare during the past year? Where do you want to go with your research and activities in the coming year? I am taking time to reflect today: looking back, and moving forward in my genealogy life.

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Researching the History of Your NYC Ancestor’s Home

Researching the History of Your NYC Ancestor's Home -- Boundless Genealogy

Do you find every aspect of your ancestor’s life fascinating like I do? From the occupation they practiced, to the type of clothes they wore, to the food they ate and the home they lived in, I really enjoy learning every detail I can about how my ancestors lived. When I was in NYC on my recent trip, I had the chance to dig a little deeper into the way our NYC Finlay cousins lived in Brooklyn from the 1850s-1920s.

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The Story Behind the Photo

The Story Behind the Photo -- Boundless Genealogy

Have you ever opened a box of old photos, or a dusty photo album? Instantly, those photos transport your mind to a different time, conjuring up all the sights, sounds, scents, and people that were there, even if they aren’t shown in the photo. The saying “a picture is worth…

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A Genealogist Visits NYC

A Genealogist Visits NYC -- Boundless Genealogy

I received a wonderful, last minute opportunity to travel to New York City with my husband for his business trip the week before Thanksgiving. Of course, I wanted to sight-see and do all the typical first-timer tourist things. But, I also wanted to make my trip personalized by focusing on genealogy research opportunities available in the city. After all, my husband would be working a large part of the time, so I could enjoy some uninterrupted family history pursuits. Here are some highlights from my amazing visit in NYC.

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Play GenQuizitive After the Feast

Play GenQuizitive After the Feast -- Boundless Genealogy

Looking for a family history activity for your Thanksgiving celebration? Well, here is something new to try! We have recently released GenQuizitive Live, a family history quiz game you play together as a group.

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