About Melissa

About Melissa Corn Finlay, AG®

Melissa Corn Finlay, Accredited Genealogist® has 30 years of genealogical research experience. She is accredited by ICAPGen℠ in the Mid-South region of the United States. She is a specialist in research planning, solving genealogy brick walls, research report writing, and document analysis. 

Melissa works for Legacy Tree Genealogists as a Senior Researcher. The Legacy Tree Genealogists team would love to help with your project! https://legacytree.com/melissaf

Melissa volunteers with the ICAPGen Presentation Committee.

She teaches on a variety of genealogy topics on this website and the associated YouTube channel.

Read Melissa's Blogs

Boundless Genealogy

Melissa shares articles and videos to help you get more from the documents you find in your family history search. Grow your tree with more confidence and skill!

Melissa shares personal family history stories, recipes, photos and more from the vast collection she has inherited over the past quarter century! 


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