Professional Genealogy Services

Melissa Corn Finlay, Accredited Genealogist®, is accredited in the Mid-South region of the United States. She has extensive genealogy research experience across much of the U.S., and is a specialist in research planning, solving genealogy brick walls, research report writing, and document analysis.

Melissa offers professional genealogical research, consulting, coaching, mentoring, and speaking services to assist you on your genealogy journey!

Genealogical Research

Are you stuck on a branch of your family tree? Have you found everything you can online, but the genealogy clues still aren’t coming together? Would you like to confirm genealogical research performed by previous generations?

Melissa can help! She offers professional research packages to help you make progress on your toughest genealogy challenges. Packages include free initial consultation, professional research report, PDF copies of documents found during the research block, and a one-to-one phone or video meeting at the end of the research block to discuss findings, if desired.

Let me help you with:

Starting at $50/hr, 10 hour minimum

Genealogy Consultant

Melissa offers one-to-one consulting, coaching, or mentoring sessions for genealogists who want a little extra genealogy guidance from an experienced professional in the areas of research skills, methodology, report writing, and more.

Are you are a genealogist who enjoys performing your own research, but need some help with your genealogy project? Do you want to improve your genealogy research report writing skills? Would you like to increase your document analysis and correlation ability? 

Melissa can help you successfully move forward on your genealogy journey!

Let me help you with:

Starting at $30/30 min., $50/60 min.

Package rates available for ongoing coaching.
"I asked Melissa to review my Genealogical Report and advise me on any changes and/or improvements that needed to be done based on her expertise in genealogy research. She completed my review in a very timely manner. I was impressed with how thorough her notes and suggestions were. She provided me with a face to face review, which was recorded for my records, along with a written copy of what was discussed. Her style is very professional yet also very personable. I was very happy with the service Melissa provided me and would absolutely recommend her to anyone."
Jen Rickards
Auntie Jen's Family Trees


Melissa is available to speak at genealogy conferences in the greater San Antonio, Texas, area as well as virtually. She offers classes on a variety of genealogy and family history topics. 

Speaking Topics include:

  • Southern Genealogy Research Essentials
  • Ophans, Infants, and Minors: Genealogy Nuggets and Pitfalls in Guardianship Records
  • Which Charles is Which? Separating Same Name Individuals
  • Descendancy Research: Round Up All Your Cousins
  • Share Small Bites: Invite Your Family to Learn About Their Ancestors Bit by Bit
  • Discover the STORY Behind the Facts on the Family Tree
  • How to Make Short Family History Video Stories to Engage The Younger Generation

Previous Speaking Venues include:

  • RootsTech
  • Family History Fanatics E-Conference
  • BYU Family History & Genealogy Conference
  • BYU MyFamily History Youth Camp
  • UGA Virtual Webinar
  • Family Roots Expo
  • UVTAGG Monthly Meeting
  • Centerville, Utah, Family History Discover Day
  • Ogden, Utah, FamilySearch Library Conference
  • Riverton, Utah, FamilySearch Library
  • Texas State Genealogical Society Conference

Would you like Melissa to speak to your group?

Starting at $125 per one hour lecture

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